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25 thoughts on “Top 7 Funny Scary Pranks So Far

  1. 1:10 congratulations you just scarred that kid for life

  2. With the dummy head prank I was imagining what if the person instead of
    picking it up they kicked it like a football !!!

  3. Everyone that disliked this deserves to be pranked next.

  4. So, Dora fell in the hole…

  5. oooooo many LOONEY TOONS sound effects in wrong laces….still silly fuun,

  6. Brazilian pranks are the best.

  7. entire video screams either 1970 or 2007 and i can’t tell which one

  8. ส่งขำๆเคลียดค่ะ

  9. OMG can’t stop laugh, 2nd is the best

  10. the first prank… i would be so scared. Buuut i have a thing for punching
    the things that scare me … O_O

  11. is it rell im scard if it is ples tell me

  12. This would make a good movie. Midgets go into the store as dolls only to
    break out of the package at night and rob the entire store. Mean while
    security guard officer notices the dolls and is afraid that the chucky
    movies are real. The whole night time sequence is set up like Jursassic
    park 1 with the kids in the kitchen. And the raptors are the midgets
    dressed as doll costumes looking to knock out the guards.

  13. The head prank i would of kicked his head lol

  14. Brasil sil sil sil dezossando nas pranks 😀 “Brazil doing really good

  15. these pranks r too funny and people’s reaction ^-^

  16. I like these pranks cause their funny without harming anyone unlike
    “ghetto” pranks which are pretty mean and rude.

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