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What would you do if a psycho clown kill someone right in front of you?
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This is by far the most difficult prank we have ever done.

– We used more than 30 liters of fake blood.
– We did an average of 1 scene every two days.
– We Spent more than 20 hours just waiting for victims.
– The Hammer weight is: 16 Kg.
– The guy at gas station pulled a knife but nobody noticed it until we revealed the prank. (you can see the knife the last 10 seconds of the video during the endcard)
– The guy at the metro tunnel ran so fast that nobody of us were able to catch it to reveal the prank, legend says he’s still running.
– At 0:55 the clown slipped and fell on the floor (you can ear the audio of that) unfortunately the camera was pointing the victim at that point

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“Super Circus”
By Kevin MacLeod

“House of horror”

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 thoughts on “Killer Clown Scare Prank!

  1. This Sunday……….. Clown 2!

  2. Caméra cachéééééé !!!
    Bon c’est clair que je cours comme une dératée (et sans faire de selfie ^^)
    (ne pas regarder si vous craigniez d’avoir peur ou si vous êtes trop
    jeunes… ça reste une caméra cachée mais bon…)

  3. In Russia, this clown would have received hook in the face :D

  4. 1:22 если бы на этом моменте водитель был русский, клоуна давно бы уже не

  5. This gets a BILLION points for scariest prank of all time. So if that was
    your goal, you succeeded. However, this is WAY too disturbing and
    traumatizing!!! I would have nightmares for LIFE if this happened to me.
    Seriously, what if someone had a heart attack? What if someone had PTSD or
    some other psychological problem?? I don’t think it’s right to do this to
    innocent people. It’s TOO HORRIBLE!!!!!!!! :(

  6. This is very dangerous because if a cop sees you he will shoot you.

  7. “You Americans are savages, why would you shoot anyone?”
    I’m sorry but if some psycho dressed up as a clown that just made me
    believe they smashed someone’s head in with a hammer came chasing after me
    I would fucking shoot them. Sucks to be them.

  8. Well being once a legal student just to share some of the legal advice
    here.Should the prankster shot by someone it is completely legal under self
    defence law. It doesn’t matter it the crown or prankster intended to kill
    its victim or not. The court will apply virtual certainty test whereby if
    it is virtually certain that the the result of the prank will cause the
    other party to feel their life is in danger and actor know it is virtually
    certain of the consequence (that is why they have to prank to make ppl
    scare of their life). Either way if the person suffer heart attack or
    something happen to the victim, the prankster will be liable for gross
    negligent manslaughter.

    Similarly under law of self defence, if the intended target feel his/her
    life is in danger, he is justified to shoot or retailiate with ‘reasonable’
    force, Now the prankster have extremely dangerous offensive weapon and
    should the victim possess a gun on hand, he/she is justified to shoot
    (Private defence includes the defence of your life and body from physical
    harm such as hurt and rape. which includes the right to defend your
    property, either movable (like a car) or immovable (like a house), from
    theft, robbery, mischief or criminal trespass., it also includes the right
    to defend another person or his property from harm).or other lifes

    As such you may get killed or get somebody killed (due to accident). This
    kind of prank certainty though entertaining but dangerous to perform and
    could be criminal liable.

  9. I dubble dare some one to do that to me… I would give that clown a dubble
    tap with a Glock right between the eyes

  10. I died laughing at this!
    Dude, I love your videos!

  11. Killer Clown Scare Prank!:
    If anyone gets scared of this clown and feel like u dont want to walk
    outside in the middle of the night its fine cause i dont want to see that
    clown around my block 

  12. these people have a twisted sense of humor…. I love it!


  14. This isn’t funny at all, people think that they are going to die! How can
    you think that’s funny? I know that they tell them afterwards that it’s
    just a prank but if someone did this to me I would have been so mad and
    angry. I just can’t see this as funny

  15. OMG!!!!! must watch 🙂 🙂 🙂 buhahahaahaha

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