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Jarek 1:20 disturbs reality by flipping playing cards into his friends’ faces at Vidcon 2013. Subscribe for more videos:

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Jarek120, Stuart Edge and Jessica Frech are known for their astounding illusions. But sometimes, just for fun, they opt to pull some not-quite-magic tricks and pranks on their friends and fellow YouTubers. In this update, check out the “Smacking YouTubers” prank, in which a simple card trick turns into an excuse to punch people in the face. PLUS we’ve got some footage from the now-classing Phone Number Prank, a great way to break the ice and convince unsuspecting targets to make out with you in public!

Featured Videos:

Smacking YouTubers Prank:
How to Deal Poker with One Hand:
Phone Number Kissing Prank:

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  1. Punching YouTubers in the face was never so easy!

  2. Keep counting? Fourth… not that many comments, so not too hard to have
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