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After recess, the 5/1’s and 5/2’s swapped classes and when the teacher walked in he didn’t realise at first, but look at his reaction later on.

12 thoughts on “Coral Secondary school 5/1 april fools 2010 prank

  1. Lol 5/1, 5/2 and 5/3 should all swap classes. The teachers… I don’t know
    how puzzled they will be.

  2. LOL ” Why is everybody here? Why is the 5/1 students here?”

  3. My brother school there at 2013 so cool

  4. I’ve never seen mr osman so busted!! Maybe next year my class should do
    this.. Hopefully he will still be our form teacher

  5. hahaha… it was so amusing but if we could reflect what we had done, i
    tink it was wasted.. ~15 mins of the time had gone^^

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